Fair Work Compliance Issues

Fair Work Compliance Issues

The Australian Government has earmarked extensive resources in 2019 for the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and the ATO to investigate small businesses regarding sham contracting concerns and pay breaches.

Whilst Qld Accounting Group does not give advice regarding award pay rates or on any other Fair Work Compliance issues, we do have excellent contacts in the industry that can assist you when there are both ATO and FWC considerations to be made.

If you feel you have not been getting the extra advice you require regarding compliance and are thinking about undertaking a review, please contact us and we can put you in touch with our recommended 3rd party services.

Unsure if you need a review? Do any of these concerns relate to you and your business?

  • Wages audit (ensuring you are paying under the correct Award and at the right level)
  • Do you have Casual employees? Are you at risk of back pay in Super and Holiday Pay?
  • Employment Agreement Audit – does it say what it should?
  • Company HR P&P’s/Employee Handbook – does it cover you?

Don’t risk the fines (Managers and Directors, and the organisation), the potential holiday and wages back-pay, or the overall financial stress of it all – be sure, be safe!

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