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Top Tips For Selling A Business

Selling your business can be a stressful and emotional decision, but there is help available along the way. Here’s what you need to know. Making the decision to sell your business There are several things to factor in when you are thinking about selling your business. It's no easy task, but knowing approximately how much you want to sell it for is important. If you are selling due to financial issues, you may want to seek advice which could put your business back on track to succeed. Bottom line, make sure selling is the right choice for you. Consider using a business advisor when selling The process of selling a [...]

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How To Do A Business Valuation

You’ve worked hard building your business, so you want to know what its value is when it's time for you to sell. Here are the basics. What is business valuation? Business Valuation is a process that determines a business' worth. Four basic criteria that can affect the value of a business are circumstances of the sale, tangible business assets, intangible business assets and years of operation. The process requires attention to detail, planning and a disciplined effort by the business owner. A valuation can figure out the fair value of the business for a number of reasons, including sale value, adding a partner or other commercial reasons. Owners may also [...]

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Dealing With Natural Disasters

Destructive events such as fires or floods can also mean the loss of income for the many affected people. Find out what you can do. The ATO says that if you are affected by a natural disaster, such as bushfires, floods or storms, there is generally no need to worry about your tax affairs right away. It says it will give you time to deal with your more immediate problems first. More time to lodge, pay and respond The ATO says that your tax obligations can generally be put to one side until you have dealt with the immediate effects of the disaster – whether you have been affected yourself [...]

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